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Pablo Escobar Tour in Medellín

The Pablo Escobar tour in Medellín is one of the most popular tourist activities in the Colombian city. This tour is a different and interesting experience for those who want to know the true story of one of the most famous criminals in history.

The famous Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar was the leader of the Medellín Cartel that monopolized drug trafficking in the 1980s and 1990s. During this time, Escobar and his organization were at the center of violence in Colombia, with guerrillas, terrorism and murders in mass.

The Escobar tour is a tour of the most important places in the capo’s life, from the Inflexion Park to the place where he was murdered.

Tour Pablo Escobar


In Medellín, the violence did not end when Escobar’s life ended. The Colombian city still struggles with crime and violence, although now on a smaller scale compared to the past. On the tour, tourists visit places like Comuna 13, which was one of the most violent areas of the city. There, guides explain how the community has worked to improve the quality of life and reduce crime.

The tour also emphasizes the importance of learning from past mistakes to build a better future. The guides talk about how the figure of Escobar has affected the image of Medellín for years, and how it is time to leave him behind and focus on all the positive things the city has to offer.

In short, the Pablo Escobar tour in Medellín is an interesting activity for those interested in the history of the city and the fight against violence and crime. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to understand the importance of learning from past mistakes to build a better future.

Medellín Pablo Escobar

Characteristics of Pablo Escobar.

  1. Inordinate ambition: From a young age, Escobar showed great ambition for money and power.
  2. Emotional intelligence: He was a great communicator and knew how to treat his allies and enemies.
  3. Courage: Pablo Escobar feared no one and was willing to risk everything to achieve his goals.
  4. Cruelty: Escobar committed all kinds of atrocities, including brutal murders and the rape of girls.
  5. Charismatic: He was a very charismatic person, which allowed him to gain the trust of many of his followers.
  6. Cunning: He had a natural talent for deception and manipulation, which allowed him to escape justice for years.
  7. Patriotism: Escobar considered himself a patriot and used his power and money to help those most in need in Colombia.
  8. Strategist: Pablo Escobar had a very analytical mind and meticulously planned all his moves.
  9. Mix of skills: He was a great entrepreneur, smuggler, political and criminal leader, combining skills that few have.


Since the death of Pablo Escobar in 1993, various theories have emerged about how the leader of the Medellín Cartel died. While some believe he was murdered by Colombian police, others think he took his own life to avoid prison. In this article, we will explain some of the most popular theories and evaluate their validity.

  1. The first theory maintains that Escobar was murdered by Colombian police in what is known as the “Hunter” operation. According to this theory, police located Escobar at his hideout in Medellín and chased him to a nearby rooftop where he was shot to death. While some believe this theory, others argue that the Colombian police had no motive to kill Escobar and that his death was likely the result of a mistake in the capture operation.
  2. Another popular theory is that Escobar took his own life to avoid prison. This theory suggests that Escobar knew that he would eventually be captured and that he would rather die than be imprisoned. While the evidence suggests that Escobar was willing to fight to the end, this theory cannot be completely ruled out.
  3. There is a very popular version on the streets of Medellín, and it is that the PEPES actually killed Escobar and then the search block took responsibility for the events.
  4. Finally, it has also been suggested that Escobar was murdered by DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Agency) agents. According to this theory, the DEA had reasons to kill Escobar after being accused of his complicity in the deaths of innocent civilians. However, this theory lacks solid evidence support and appears to be an unfounded conjecture.

In conclusion, while there are many theories about how Pablo Escobar died, none of them can be taken as definitive. Although some believe that the Colombian police killed him, others think that he committed suicide. Even those who believe in a DEA conspiracy have no concrete evidence. Regardless, Escobar’s death is a reminder of the dangers of drug trafficking and the violence that can result from these criminal acts.


Inflexion Park Medellin

Parque Inflexión

Parque Inflexion is one of the most interesting and unusual places in Medellín. It is located in the place where the old Monaco building once stood, which was the residence of drug trafficker Pablo Escobar.

Inflexion Park becomes a safe and friendly place for the community that welcomes tourists from all over the world and local people interested in appreciating history.

Pablo Escobar's Tomb

Tumba de Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar’s tomb is located in the Jardines Montesacro cemetery, in the city of Medellín, Colombia. The tomb has a simple and discreet design, with a marble plaque bearing his name and the dates of birth and death.

Although it is located in a public cemetery, Pablo Escobar’s tomb is a tourist attraction for many visitors who want to learn more about his life and legacy in Colombia. However, many people also see the tomb as a reminder of the crimes and violence Escobar perpetrated during his life.

Pablo Escobar neighborhood

Tour Pablo Escobar

The Pablo Escobar neighborhood is a sector located in the city of Medellín, Colombia, named after the country’s most well-known drug trafficker in the 1980s and early 1990s, Pablo Escobar.

The Pablo Escobar neighborhood, although it is one of the most visited and popular tourist sites in the city, still faces stigma and criticism due to its violent past and the memories that last among the inhabitants who suffered during the years in which the Medellín cartel had its place of operations.

House Where Pablo Escobar Died

Casa dónde Murió Pablo

The house where he died is a house located in an ordinary neighborhood of the city of Medellín, in the Los Olivos de la América neighborhood, we will be able to see the house where Pablo Escobar was hiding and also the roof of the house where he finally died .

Cathedral Jail

cárcel la catedral

“The Cathedral”, located in the city of Envigado, Colombia. The property was built by Escobar himself and became a private prison for him and his trusted men after it was turned over to the government in 1991.

However, in 1992 he escaped from prison and was later murdered by authorities in another house in Medellín. The house where Escobar died has been demolished, but the original structure remains standing in Envigado.

Graffiti Tour Comuna 13

graffiti tour comuna 13

In some of the plans that we handle for the tour, you will also be able to visit COMUNA 13 of Medellín, a place that became the most dangerous place in Colombia, but now it is the most touristic site in the city, thanks to the art and culture.


Interested in knowing the story of the famous drug trafficker Pablo Escobar? Medellín is the perfect place to discover the secrets behind one of the most wanted men in Colombian history. We guarantee that our Pablo Escobar tour in Medellín will surprise you.

On our tour, we will take you to the places where the “Patron of Evil” built his empire, such as the famous house in which he was shot down, the cemetery where he is buried, the Pablo Escobar neighborhood and many other places that made history in life. of this character.

We are waiting for you with a team of highly trained guides to take you on a tour full of anecdotes and interesting facts. You will learn about his life and how he managed to build his drug empire, but you will also learn about the social and political consequences that his presence had in the city of Medellín.


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pablo escobar tour

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We are sure that this tour will be the most exciting experience you will have in Medellín. We also offer you a wide range of options and departures, so you can choose the time and place that best suits you.

Don’t forget to book your Pablo Escobar tour in Medellín in advance to ensure you have the best places and the best guides. We are waiting for you to discover the history of drug trafficking in Colombia from Pablo Escobar!

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